DRINK-A-PALOOZA drinking game at the City Beat Beer Festival: Today only!

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The CityBeat Festival of Beers is the perfect marriage of three of San Diego’s best known exports — music, craft beer and drinking games.   San Diego has emerged as one of the most dynamic beer cities in the United States, arguably the world, with a diversity of style and technique that is unmatched.  It is also home to the most popular drinking game, DRINK-A-PALOOZA.  Make sure to stop by their drinking game booth to see the game on display, win some drinking game swag and purchase a discounted drinking game.  With the participation of the El Cajon Boulevard Business Improvement Association, community business owners and local brewers and performances from local bands who match the brewers in diversity and dynamism, this event has grown into the Foundation’s largest single event fundraiser for the organization.  Here is a little on the bands playing at the beer event.

The Heavy Guilt

TheHeavyGuiltThe Heavy Guilt is as much Americana as it is avant garde garage, as much folk blues as it is psychedelic indie stomp. It is six focused musicians, from varying backgrounds, translating their influences into a common language beneath the dim crimson lights of the stage. It is a sweaty driving catharsis, a train of thought bulldozing cross the tracks of rural America, it is a roadmap through the emotive wilderness, it is a collage put together by time worn hands, it is the sound and rhythm of a saturated city, it is the direction you take after last call. The Heavy Guilt is rock n roll.

Hit Dog Hollar

drinking games with musicHit Dog Hollar was born’d and raised in San Diego, California, Hit Dog Hollar reminds us how the west was really won: fueled by whiskey, on the backs of trampling steeds, by men with nothing to lose but daylight. Join the Hounds at their next show, and be sure to get smothered-n-covered in heavy blues tones via iTunes or Bandcamp, Amazon, or any other major digital music outlet.


Explore the world in your own backyard at the Santa Monica Global Festival with DRINK-A-PALOOZA!

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The 3rd Street Promenade into a global village will be transformed into the Santa Monica Global Festival where participants will experience drinking games (by Drink-A-Palooza), tastes, textures, sights, sounds and fragrances from distant lands.

Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Game will have interactive booths display with the drinking game on display and for sale.  Other items found at the festival will include clothing, artifacts, music, pottery, artwork,  games, crafts and tasty samples from every continent.  Included at the event will be live entertainment with music, dance and cultural demonstrations in the streets of Santa Monica.

Looking for unique drinking game?  Well come down and see the Drink-A-Palooza game…

Drink-a-Palooza is the only party game that takes all the games you grew up playing and your favorite college keg party games like Kings Cup (also known as Ring Of Fire or Circle Of Death) Beer Pong, Quarters and even Spin the Bottle.  Make sure to stop over and spin the wheel and win some prizes.  There will be discounts on drinking games, beer pong balls and other products sold by Drink-A-Palooza.  This game is a perfect gift for college students and is a fun and exciting drinking game played with friends, if you are at a new college party,  with beer or liquor, the house party could use this drinking games.  As the number one American drinking board game at this fiesta, Drink-A-Palooza, is coming off its spring break celebration.  This game makes ultimate spring break party into a fun spring break party.  If you are looking for great gadgets for guys or gifts for him or her you should purchase the most popular drinking game out – DRINK-A-PALOOZA!  We know you will love it – It’s a party in a box: Drinking Game – GAME ON!

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Bankers Hill Business Group teams up with DRINK-A-PALOOZA Drinking Game

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Tonight, Friday, March 28, 2014 join The Bankers Hill Business Group from 5-9PM, in collaboration with the San Diego Brewers guild and the DRINK-A-PALOOZA drinking game at the historical Abbey building for the 2nd annual Bankers Hill Art and Craft Beer Festival. There will be 15 of San Diego’s leading breweries, some of the neighborhoods finest restaurants, and art installations from world renowned Bankers Hill artists.

On the rising popularity of the neighborhood, co-founder of the Bankers Hill Business Group, Jake Sutton, said, “The Bankers Hill neighborhood and business district is growing fast and we’re excited to be hosting the Art and Craft Beer Festival for the second year in a row. It’s such an amazing showcase of all the talent that we have within our neighborhood.”

The Art and Craft Beer Festival will be held at the historic Abbey building to encompass the true historic quality of the Bankers Hill neighborhood.   Beer provided from nationally renowned breweries will be served with food provided by local Bankers Hill restaurants to showcase the talents of nearby businesses while guests view art installations created by local artists including David Wagner and the Drink-A-Palooza drinking game.


The drinking board game, which is a collaboration of all the best American drinking games has been deemed the “Monopoly” of drinking games.  If you like playing beer pong, quarters, kings cup, flip cup, and waterfalls, then you will love this game.  It will be on display and for sale at a discounted rate.  Help support your local artist by coming out, drinking some beer, playing some drinking games and seeing some great artwork.  Tickets are on sale for $35 and the location of the event is The Abby, 2825 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103.  See you there and GAME ON!

-Ballast Point
-AleSmith Brewing Company
-Rock Bottom Brewery
-Stone Brewing Company
-Green Flash
-Thorn Street Brewery
-Aztec Brewery
-Gordon Biersch
-Pizza Port Brewing Company
-Coronado Brewing Company
-Helms Brewing Company
-Lightning Brewery
-Karl Strauss
-Hillcrest Brewing Company

-Barrio Star
-Croce’s Park West
-Jimmy Carter’s Mexican Cafe

-Gustaf Anders Rooth
-Eric Wixon
-Benjamin Lavender
-Keith Greene
-Dia Basset
-Mike Payne

San Diego Winter Brew Festival to feature Drink-A-Palooza® drinking game

San Diego Winter Brew Festival to feature Drink-A-Palooza® drinking game!

drinking games with beer pong, flip cup, kings cup and moreJoin the Drink-A-Palooza® drinking game this weekend for the San Diego Winter Brew Festival!  Featured at the event will be 50+ local breweries including Mission, Legends, Aztec, Sierra Nevada and Pyramid Brewery.

Visit the Drink-A-Palooza board game booth to demo the drinking game.  Games include beer pong, kings cup (circle of death), quarters, waterfalls, flip cup and even spin the bottle.  Game will be sold at a reduced rate and is perfect for anyone who drinks beer, wine, spirits, soda or even water!  This is the perfect novelty gift for your college friends who still like to party!  Drink-A-Palooza fits in anyone’s kitchen so no need for the long beer pong table.  Your backyard BBQ will be a hit with the Drink-A-Palooza drinking game!


6-7 pm VIP Session, 7-10 pm General Admission

The San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park,

2131 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101

VIP Includes: 1 Hour exclusive tasting with cheese and beer pairing

General Admission: Souvenir glass plus 50 plus beers to taste on tap.


Drink-A-Palooza and the San Diego Winter Brew Fest are celebrating craft beverages from around California and afar.  This beer and gaming event features; beer, live local music, food, and vendors such as the drinkapalooza drinking games. It also benefits Outdoor Outreach and the San Diego Mountain Bike Association (SDMBA).

Outdoor Outreach strives at empowering at-risk & underprivileged youth to make lasting changes in their lives through comprehensive outdoor programming and positive attitudes.

San Diego Mountain Biking Association is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that represents interests of off-road cyclists and other non-motorized trail riders in San Diego County. SDMBA’s strives to unite mountain bike riders, retailers and manufacturers.

Visit the Drink-A-Palooza drinking game Facebook page here.

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California Beer Festival sponsored by Drink-A-Palooza drinking game this weekend!

drinking game at beer festival

Join DRINK-A-PALOOZA this Saturday, September 7th, 2013 for an afternoon of unlimited beer tasting, great food, music.  The Legendary California Beer Festival (CBF) is coming back to Bonelli Park bigger and better in 2013! This lake side Craft Beer festival features over 70 craft brews on tap, food trucks, live music and bikini Bocce Ball! On sale will be the Drink-A-Palooza board game that has been described as the ultimate party drinking game.  It will bring you back to your college party days!  By combining more than ten commonly played drinking games and integrating them into one elaborate board game, this game eliminates any need for a Ping-Pong table.  Games include Kings Cup, Flip Cup, Quarters and Beer Pong to name a few.  The holidays are around the corner so make your friends excited by getting them the Drink-A-Palooza board game.

CBF is the event of the year for any beer enthusiast! CBF”s main goal is to shine a light on the craft beer movement and celebrate great beer! For one low price, you will receive a souvenir tasting cup to sample some of the best craft beers from around the world and listen to amazing music! This is a chance to expand your mind and educate yourself on new and old styles of craft beer! You must be 21 year of age or older with a valid ID to enter CBF. Kids 10 and Under are free. All children must be accompanied by an adult that has purchased a designated driver ticket.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your drink on all in one place!  Make sure to check out the Drink-A-Palooza while you are there.

For more info on Drink-A-Palooza click the coolest drinking game link, if you have Facebook, like them by clicking I like drinking games and follow their tweets here I follow drinking games.  To purchase the game click Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Board Game.

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Drinking Game Photo Contest Announced! Epic Beer Festival

board game

After the Drink-A-Palooza drinking game attended the first ever Epic Beer Festival over the St. Patty’s Day Holiday weekend in San Diego we threw a photo contest for the most liked photo on Facebook  We are ready to announce the WINNER of the Photo Contest and ship a free DRINK-A-PALOOZA DRINKING BOARD GAME courtesy of the Epic Beer Festival.

Click the link to see all of the pictures entered in the drinking game photo contest (Drinking Game Photo Contest).

Here is the picture that received the most likes with 51 likes!

board game

 Picture in this photo are:  Henish Pulickal, Christie Jachec, Jacob Hale, Hanson Pulickal, Luke Reed, Justin Piatt, Loriel White, Matt Farnsworth and Theresa Morawski at Epic Beer Festival.

We hope you enjoy the game and be sure to post a picture of you guys playing.  If you would like additional copies, remember, the drinking game makes for a great gift! The drinking board game is perfect for bachelor parties and bachelorette parties. It makes a great house warming gift and gives you something great to do during your weekend BBQ. If you were not aware, the drinking game is quickly becoming the most popular drinking game played nation-wide. Included on the board game is beer pong, flip cup, king’s cup, waterfalls and just about every other drinking game with a detailed list of rules to teach you how to play all of the drinking games. Make sure to reference the board game rule book for your easy drinking game rules.

For more info on Drink-A-Palooza click the ultimate drinking game link, like them on Facebook by clicking I like drinking games and follow them on twitter by clicking I follow drinking games. Here is the link to purchase the Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Board Game.

DRINK-A-PALOOZA drinking game for sale! Read about how it got started!

DRINK-A-PALOOZA drinking game for sale! Read about how it got started!


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Drink-A-Palooza® has been in development since 2001. The creator and owner originally got the idea for the game soon after graduating from college. The original game was drawn out on the back of a box lid commonly used to store business files back in the 80’s and 90’s. It had multiple flags pierced through the lid that would later translate into miniature bottles collected throughout gameplay.

The second rendition of the game came maybe a year later after test marketing the game in our family basement. This new and improved version was graphically designed in Microsoft Publisher and laminated on a piece of wood. The idea of making the board magnetic to hold the miniature bottles in place was incorporated. Once the miniature bottles were baked in our kitchen, a magnet was glued to the bottom. To my surprise it worked and the bottles could stand upright on the board. The next part of development was put into making the 6-pack game pieces. Using origami basics, the 6-pack holders were designed and constructed and used to play the game. This second version led to countless nights and groups of friends all playing the game and having a great time. The name was established as “The College Experience” since it was based on all of the different traits developed throughout college that included Fine Art, creativity and social free time.

Years and years went by and the game kept developing. Everything from adding and subtracting spots on the board to removing the magnetic pieces and establishing new and improved rules would be incorporated. It wasn’t until 2010 -2011 that the game received a complete facelift including renaming “The College Experience” to “Drink-A-Palooza”. With the new name came the new logo that really gave the game life. The board went through roughly 9 revisions from placement to other development. During this continuous development period a partnership was developed with a leading
board game manufacturer. This partnership has given the product a scalable solution to any ordering requests.

Over the past 10 or so years, the time and effort put into this game has been entertaining but hasn’t come easy. There are many people who have an idea or know someone who has an idea that haven’t taken the step and followed it to fruition. I know it’s tough and can really be frustrating at times. There is definitely a lot more to the story of Drink-A-Palooza but I hope that my short version can help to inspire someone to take the next step and develop their idea. There isn’t anything more satisfying than having something you created reach the next level. I hope you enjoy the game and have fun playing.


Finally, please remember, Drink-a-Palooza is not intended for use with alcoholic beverages. However, if alcohol is used in the course of this game, Drink-a-Palooza is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. Drink-a-Palooza is intended for entertainment purposes only. In no way does Drink-a-Palooza condone or support the abuse of alcoholic beverages. We believe in moderation and caution when playing our game, which is in no way intended to promote binge-drinking, alcoholism, underage drinking, hazing, drunk driving, or any other form of alcohol abuse. If drinking alcoholic beverages, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.


For more info on Drink-A-Palooza click the ultimate drinking game link, like them on Facebook by clicking I like drinking games and follow them on twitter by clicking I follow drinking games.  Here is the link to purchase the Drink-A-Palooza Drinking Board Game.