DRINK-A-PALOOZA is the ultimate party game that combines all of the best drinking games into one competition. Whether you prefer beer, water, soda or spirits, you will love playing.
No ping-pong table? No problem! Party anywhere & play everywhere.

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This game is so much fun! It plays like monopoly and combines some of our favorite games from college. I highly suggest this game for any upcoming parties or even if you’re bored at home with the roomies.

Jana Geckles January 25, 2016

What happens when you combine your favorite childhood board game, a pregame, and the classic drinking games you know and love? DRINK-A-PALOOZA!!! This is a great time with up to 12 players! They give you a set of rules but leave it open for you to also create and tweak it to be your own. Because we all know everyone has different “house rules”.

Long story short, do yourself a favor and buy this game. If you like drinking, friends, and games you’ll love this game!

Alex Johnson September 19, 2017, Amazon

A great fun game! A perfect party game. I recommend it for all adult parties. Great product

George P. October 17, 2017, Amazon

This game is alot of fun and tons of laughs! First time playing we thought it might not be fun with 2 people but let me tell you it was a blast. We were having so much fun the guys in the other room couldn’t help but want to come join in on all the excitement! Beer pong, quarters and flip cup ended up becoming a full blown workout with how fast we were all trying to win a bottle to add to our six packs! Lots of fun drinking games all in one. Definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to have a good time drinking with friends!

Manda Panda January 31, 2018, Amazon

Bought this as a house warming gift for some friends and it was a huge hit. WE played it the first night we visited them and were up playing until early morning. We ran out of our favorite spirits so had to give up with me winning 3 games straight!

Irishrichie October 21, 2015, Amazon

Awesome f***ing game!!! Super great for getting together and just drinking with your friends! Only this is I wish it had more 6 packs… We usually have about 10 people playing and no one wants to partner up so we end up using a replacement piece and a tally board. It’s still great though! So happy I was referred to this game. Definitely recommend.

Charity May 7, 2016, Amazon

Most fun game ever played!! My friends even ordered it after playing so they can have their own also!! This game combines beer pong, flip cup, quarters, spin the bottle, kings, and card games. If your looking to have a fun time and great night, order this game!!

LModer March 21, 2017, Amazon

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