//DRINK-A-PALOOZA® Board Game for Adults Drinking Game

DRINK-A-PALOOZA® Board Game for Adults Drinking Game

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“More Fun Than One Night Can Handle”DRINK-A-PALOOZA takes the best house party drinking games & make them a thousand times tastier.  It’s the only adult party game created to prove your social drinking skills. Trash talk your friends as you compete to win mini bottles.  Fill your six-pack & you win!  Roll the dice with up to 12 friends & get the party started!

DRINK-A-PALOOZA®  It’s A Party In A Box!

(please note: Game DOES NOT come with RED / BLUE CUPS. PARTY CUPS  sold separately)
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 Your Party is getting a killer Upgrade!  Why play one house party drinking game when you can play them all?  No ping-pong table? No problem! Party anywhere & play everywhere.

6 reviews for DRINK-A-PALOOZA® Board Game for Adults Drinking Game

  1. James Caeyon

    This game was a ton of fun! We didn’t even make it around the board the first time!

  2. David Wagner

    Yes! Buy This Game! And Get Really Drunk!

    Yes! This game is a lot of fun. When I first bought it, I was concerned my friends would find it “cheesy,” as they do many of the games I coerce them into trying (we are still working on Cat-Opoly, but that may take some time). But we have played it a few times and EVERYONE has really enjoyed it and called it “cool” with complete sincerity. (I am well-known for not being very “cool,” so this compliment will sustain me for a lifetime and that alone makes buying this game worth it.)

    We often change the rules a little bit to better suit the environment or speed of the game, but these are all classic games that you will have no problem following along with or adjusting, even while inebriated. It will be especially nice in the winter, when fires and cookouts are not an option and everyone is sick of playing Kings around the same kitchen table for the 20th time that month.

    A piece of advice: play this game at the BEGINNING of the night. My friends tend to try and play this toward the end, which has been a mistake every time. We have never played a full game through because no one can sit upright long enough! Still, I highly recommend this game!

  3. MandaPanda

    Best party game for a boozy good time!

    This game is a lot of fun and tons of laughs! First time playing we thought it might not be fun with 2 people but let me tell you it was a blast. We were having so much fun the guys in the other room couldn’t help but want to come join in on all the excitement! Beer pong, quarters and flip cup ended up becoming a full blown workout with how fast we were all trying to win a bottle to add to our six packs! Lots of fun drinking games all in one. Definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to have a good time drinking with friends!

  4. Samantha

    Hit for game night!!!

    This game was a hit (23-26 yrs old). It’s great to play with a larger group. We played with 8 people and it was perfect. Only downside is the board isn’t durable enough for having a middle drink cup. We ended up using an empty cup in the middle to play the games. We also didn’t use a middle cup for drinking purpose per the game rule due to the mess and the mix of what everyone was drinking. It’s a good thing we didn’t otherwise the game wouldn’t have lasted as long 😆 Be prepared to drink.

  5. Leisa k

    Two thumbs up

    I got this for my daughters 21st birthday. Since I don’t feel comfortable taking her to a bar like we originally planned with the virus and all I’m playing bartender and doing drinking games at the house for her. This games looks like a lot of fun. We haven’t used it yet her birthday is in two weeks but I’m very excited for her to enjoy the fun. It was nicely packaged and even included extras which was a great bonus. Thanks so much!!

  6. Caroline

    An Organized Frat Party in a Game Board!

    This game is hysterical. I’ve played it multiple times since purchasing it earlier this year, and every time it has been a barrel of laughs. Very interactive which keeps the game moving at all times, and it keeps getting better as you play more. Definitely would suggest it for anyone. It is a little tricky at first to learn, but after one round around the board you’ll be a pro. Definitely a great buy!

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